Wood Rings vs Plastic – Which one is better?

Wood Rings vs Plastic

Many of you have asked me what material is best for the rings. In this post we will see the pros and cons of each, so you can decide for yourself which one to buy. The comparison it’s based on others people’s opinions and my own, since I have trained both with wood rings and plastic.

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  • They have great grip (as for regular grip) as wood  absorbs moisture from the hands
  • Maintaining a false grip is far more comfortable on wooden rings (false grip is uncomfortable and hard to do anyway)
  • Wood feels really nice in the hand
  • Thet are aesthetically pleasing, one feels almost like a professional when trainining with them  😀


  • They are less durable, especially if you use them outdoors – the sun and moisture damage wood easily; although you can simply take the rings down when you finish your workout
  • They tend to be more expensive, although now you can find cheaper and cheaper wood rings on internet
  • The tube of the rings is usually thicker – depending on the size of your hands, that can be a good thing or not; generally, the thicker it is, the harder the grip is going to be

PLASTIC RINGSWood Rings vs Plastic


  • They tend to be cheaper
  • They usually last more


  • They have a poor grip – even though most rings come with non slip texture;  when your hands start to sweat (and they will), you’ll easily lose the grip as they become quite slippery; chalk it’s a necessity (though I’ve never used chalk myself). You could use athletic tape, but with added grip your hands can’t move so it adds stress to your elbows
  • The false grip is very difficult to maintain for a long time (doing 5 strict Muslce-ups in a row becomes almost mission impossible  😀
  • If you train frequently with them, your hands will suffer more than on wood rings

Which one do I recommend?

Wooden rings undoubtedly, they are worth it! Think that you’re already saving money by not paying a monthly gym fee; and even if you’re going to train with them in the gym, I still recommend wood rings 🙂

Wood Rings vs Plastic

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Wood Rings vs Plastic

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