Ring Programs – Train like a gymnast!

Ring Programs – Train like a gymnast!



· Bored of lifting weights and not getting results?
· You’ve bought your rings and you don’t know where to start?
· You want functional strength?
· You want to look like a gymnast?
Well it’s time to start training like one!

Here’s my Complete Ring Workout consisting of over 60 exercises!





From a gymnastics approach, I emphasize proper form on every exercise to avoid injury.

More info HERE.

Get your workout plan now for only 12.99€ and start training like a gymnast!



Once you master the basics, it’s time to get serious!

Complete Ring Workout consisting of 34 exercises, with images and videos of each exercise, warm-up and 8 specific stretching exercises.

The PDF file includes:capturad3fg4-amazon1g-mini2

  • 13 Pulling exercises that focus on straight-arm strength, without forgetting bent-arm strength – in the last progressions we’ll mix both in the same exercise; this will build impressive pulling strength, apart from working intensively the abs.
  • As for pushing exercises we’ll see 6 progressions to the hardest dip variation you can train on rings: the unilateral Archer Dip
  • Plus, we will see 3 progressions to one type of push-up that works not only your chest, shoulders and triceps, but also your biceps!
  • We will also see 5 progressions to a fundamental isometric exercise on rings that will make us look like professional gymnasts: L-sit.
  • There are also 7 Bodyweight Leg Exercises


Mastering the Ring Support, Elevated Wide Push-ups and 4×6 of Widel L-Pull-ups on rings.

These new exercises will make you feel like a kid playing, and at the same time like a professional gymnast training!


Get your workout plan now for only 10.99€ and take your training to the next level!



You can also get both programs for only 19.99!



Complete Ring Workout – Level 3

What’s new in this PDF?

· As for pulling exercises we will see the UniArcher Rows and Front lever Muscle-up, apart from the Assisted Victorian.

· As for pushing exercises we will practice one of the hardest and more complete push-ups on rings: the Pelican Push-up. We will also see one progression to Back Lever and Back Lever Pulls.

· We will also practice one of the easiest balance exercises on rings: the Shoulder stand, which will
later mix with L-sit.

· As for leg exercises we will see the Shrimp Squat progressions and we’ll start adding weight to the Pistol squat.

Ring Programs - Train like a gymnast!

Get all this for only 10.99€!



You can check me training with rings in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jfI9ig7sUA0


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