False grip Pullup Progression

False grip Pullup Progression

False grip Pullup


You want some strong forearms? Well false grip pull-ups is one of the best ways to achieve it!

This type of Pull-up is great for forearm development and it helps get the strict Muscle-up with false grip.


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VIDEO here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WGw7YEOUkPY


I’m using a pseudo false grip as my bar is very slippery.



1. Bent-arm hang with false grip

This exercise is useful to strengthen your wrist and finger flexor muscles.

With a shoulder width underhand grip and bent elbows, hang on the bar by placing your wrists on the bar.

This grip focuses on biceps and brachialis.

Practice until you can hold 5 sets of at least 20 seconds.

False grip Pullups

False grip Pullup Progression

2. Straight-arm hang with false grip

With elbows COMPLETELY extended (locked), hang on the pull-up bar with a false grip.
Tilt your pelvis posteriorly (PPT) by engaging abs and glutes.
*At first this exercise is almost impossible to do with straight-arms, but it’s just a matter of some practice.

Practice until you can hold 5 sets of at least 20 seconds.


3. False grip Rows
This version of the exercise is done with bent knees.
Spread your legs apart to make it easier.
Place your wrist on the pull-up bar. For a better grip you can grab the bar with the tips of your fingers.


4. False grip partial Pull-ups
At first you probably won’t be able to do false grip pull-ups with full R.O.M, so limiting the range of motion could be a good idea. Go half way donwn and then go back up.

False grip Pullup Progression

5. False grip Pull-ups   

The last step is doing Pull-ups with a false grip. Completely extend your elbows at the bottom.

Engage your abs and glutes to stabilize better your body (posterior pelvic tilt).

This type of pull-up works your forearm muscles, latissimus dorsi, teres major, brachialis, biceps and rectus abdominis muscle.

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