How to fix your Handstand

How to fix your Handstand


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One of the key to improve your Handstand is the posterior pelvic tilt. 

By applying the posterior pelvic tilt (PPT), the lumbar curvature disappears and the lower back becomes flat. The vertebrae will be stacked upon one another, providing better  balance for the Handstand.

Without PPT , the lumbar region is arched because of lack of tension in the abs. This leads to a «Banana Handstand» which is difficult to balance, as well as being potentially harmful for your spine.

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Fix your Handstand


EXERCISES to improve your PPT:

1. Standing PPT – With this exercise you can learn how to tilt the hips to the rear. Standing
with your knees completely straight, contract your glutes and abs to tilt the pelvis posteriorly. By doing so, the lumbar spine flexes and the lower back becomes flat.



2. Hollow Forearm Plank – This exercise is useful to strengthen the posterior pelvic tilt: Hollow Plank is a complete exercise that mixes the benefits of hypopressive exercises with the hollow body position – used in many gymnastic exercises like Planche, Planche push-ups, Pseudo PL push-ups… Hollow body requires posterior pelvic tilt (PPT) and scapular protraction. PPT is achieved by contracting rectus abdominis and glutes.

Fix your Handstand

3. PPT against a wall

Now practice the posterior pelvic tilt against a wall. Your lower back should be flat against the wall.


4. PPT while holding the Handstand (it’s in the video)

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