Top 3 Rear Delts Bodyweight exercises

Rear Delts Bodyweight

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Posterior deltoids are worked more when the latissimus is in mechanical disadvantage: shoulder hyperextension and shoulder transverse extension. The first and the last exercises require hyperextension of the shoulder joint, Wide FL rows require shoulder tranverse extension.

Rear Delts Bodyweights

1. Advanced table

Lean backwards as much as you can and push your hips upward.
Strongly contract your posterior delts to avoid falling over (hyperextend your shoulders) and also contract your triceps to keep elbows from bending.
Do NOT contract hamstrings and gastrocnemius (calves) – it’s harder but you’ll strengthen your rear delts and triceps more.
Don’t bend your elbows at all, if elbows are fully extended you’ll hit your triceps a lot more as you’ll strengthen one of its weakest point (shortest position).

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2. Wide Front lever Rows

By switching to a wide grip you’ll hit posterior deltoids a lot more as the lats are weaker when the shoulder extension becomes an horizontal shoulder extension.

The wider the grip the harder it will be but you’ll strengthen rear delts even more as you’ll get closer to a strict transverse extension.
Hold the top position for a second for stronger posterior deltoids.

Muscles worked:  Teres major and minor, latissimus dorsi, posterior deltoid, infraspinatus, elbow flexors and rectus abdominis.

Rear Delts Bodyweight

3. Forearm V-sit – tutorial HERERear Delts Bodyweight

This exercise is great to strengthen your rear deltoids as it conssists of pushing yourself off the ground by hyperextending the shoulder, and the posterior deltoid is the primary hyperextensor of the shoulder joint.

Only forearms and hands touch the floor.
Try to get 90º at the hip or more; extend your knees and point your toes.

For more info please check the video:

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