Complete Ring Workout 1

Complete Ring Workout 1


· Bored of lifting weights and not getting results?
· You’ve bought your rings and you don’t know where to start?
· You want functional strength?
· You want to look like a gymnast?
Well it’s time to start training like one!

Here’s my Complete Ring Workout Program consisting of 70 exercises!





From a gymnastics approach, I emphasize proper form on every exercise to avoid injury.


My program comes with plenty of images, to truly understand what you are doing:

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My program includes 18 bodyweight leg exercises, including progressions to the Pistol Squat.



All exercises are performed with strict form, you can see me training with rings here.


Customer Reviews:

A must have for anyone seeking functional strength
This book is a must have for anyone training calisthenics or anything involving functional training. It’s great for beginners and even those with experience. All the exercises are explained in detail and the progressions will boost your confidence to keep training harder. The author of this book is very knowledgeable in terms of bodyweight training! Well worth it.

Great, straightforward training manual
Great graphic depictions of the exercises and web addresses for those you want to see in live action. I certainly recommend. As a frame of reference, I have a decent level of body weight strength that I am looking to build on (safely). Fred Jones

Hey man, I bought your book… It’s awesome! it’s seriously the best and most complete ring workout guide I’ve read. And honestly people sell just plans alone for like $100. Yours is worth more than you are charging! Walon

Great book
Great book for someone who is new to ring training and who is looking to use their own body instead of weights that can hurt the body. Gaz

Very useful, lots of progressions and explained in detail




1. Will I be able to do the Ring Muscle-up?
Yes, my program includes progressions for the ring false grip and access to my Strict Ring Muscle-up video tutorial.


2. Does it include leg exercises? Yes, there are 18 exercises, including progressions for the Pistol Squat.


3. How long does it take to see results?
Of all the sports I’ve practiced, the fastest results I’ve seen is training with rings. In only one month you’ll get a lot stronger and your pecs, back, abs, forearms or triceps will get bigger. there’s nothing miraculous about it, ring training simply offers a very intense stimulus. Here are 2 pictures of my results (I don’t use any supplements or follow any diet, only consistency and hard work).


And yes, training on the floor and using a pull-up bar is great, but it’s NOTHING compared to gymnastic ring training! So take the next step and start training like a gymnast!

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Get your workout plan now for only 12.99€ and Start Training Like a Gymnast!

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