The Rise of Calisthenics – Complete Bodyweight Workout Plan

The Rise of Calisthenics

You are new to Calisthenics and you don’t know how to start?

You’re stuck at Pull-ups, Push-ups or Dips?

You want to achieve exercises like Planche or Front lever?

Here’s my Complete Calisthenic Workout! You’ll go from a complete beginner to a level you’ve never dreamt of!






The Rise of Calisthenics


1. Is there another payment method?

Yes, you can pay with any credit or debit card, just click the option at the right:


2. I’m new to Calisthenics, is this program accessible to beginners?

Yes, you’ll start from doing Push-up on your knees, up to doing Archer Push-ups and even the Straddle Planche, or from doing no Chin-ups at all to doing Archer Pull-ups.


3. I’m not sure how to work out properly, will I learn it with this book?

Yes, all exercises are performed with strict form and I’ve included tons of images and links to my videos (most of them private) to understand how to do exercises with proper form (gymnastic approach). I can also check out your form if you upload your videos in the private Facebook group or via Whatsapp.



4. Will I learn how to do Planche or Front lever?

Yes, there are 9 progresiones to get Front lever, 14 exercises to get the Straddle Planche, 5 progressions for the Hollow Dragon Flag, progressions for L-sit, 20 types of Pull-ups, 6 types of Push-ups, 10 types of Dips and much more!





5. What about leg exercises?

My program includes 18 bodyweight leg exercises, including progressions for the Pistol Squat, the Cossack Squat, etc.



6. What equipment do I need?

A pull-up bar and parallel bars; there are also many exercises to do them directly on the floor.The Rise of Calisthenics



Get my Complete Calisthenic Workout now for only 14.99€!

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LEVEL 2 available here:


· Human Flag progressions

· Handstand tutorial

· L-sit to bent-arm Handstand progressions

· Front Pull and Front Lever Rows progressions

· V-sit progressions

· One arm Push-up progressions

· Handstand Push-up progressions



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