Explosive Pullup Types for Muscle-up

Explosive Pullup Types


Video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wnkpd-gHISQ


Explosive Pullup Types

In this post we’ll see some of the best explosive Pull-up types:


1. Width grip switch-upsab

This exercise combines a shoulder adduction with a shoulder extension.

Start every pull-up from dead hang.

Try not to kip or swing.

This exercise works:
· Shoulder adductors and extensors
· Elbow flexors
· Finger and wrist flexors



2. Switch-upsExplosive Pullup Types

Switch between a Chin-up and a shoulder width Pull-up.

By mixing a supinated grip with a pronated grip you’ll be focusing equally on biceps and brachialis.

Start every rep from dead hang. Avoid using momentum.



3. Mixed grip Switch-ups

You can also do explosive Pull-ups using a mixed grip. Start with a mixed grip and switch between grips.

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4. L Switch-upsabm

When you get stronger, you can practice these pull-ups with your body in an L-shape.

The body in “L” places the center of mass forward, thus decreasing the leverage at the shoulder (which makes them more difficult).

Start every pull-up from dead hang. In order to get stronger, avoid using momentum/kip.

This exercise works your shoulder extensors & adductors, elbow flexors, hip flexors, abs and quadriceps.



5. V Switch-ups

If you’re flexible enough, you can also practice these pull-ups with your body in a V-shape.

This variation builds stronger hip flexors and abs than the L version (there is more flexion at the hip and more flexion of the lumbar spine).

Don’t bend your knees and keep your toes pointed.

Start every pull-up from dead hang.


6. Clapping Pull-upsabm

These pull-ups require a lot of vertical pulling power, as long as you don’t use momentum or kip. Start every pull-up from dead hang.

This exercise mainly works your lats, brachialis and biceps brachii.




Check the video for 2 harder variations!


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