Triceps Pushups – 3 Best Variations

Triceps Pushups – 3 Best Variations

In this post we’ll see 4 Best Pushups to focus on your triceps! All these variations require little shoulder flexion, that’s why they are so effective.


1 Sphinx Push-ups

Place your forearms on the floor and go up by straigthening your arms. Press back up to full elbow extension.

Proper form:
Body in a straight line, don’t raise your butt and don’t let the hips sag down.
Avoid using momentum (don’t bounce at the bottom) and protract your scapulae at the top of the push-up.

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Triceps Pushups

2. X Push-ups

Start with forearms together and parallel to each other. While going up, cross the arms into an X, hence the name of this push-up. Keep neck and head in neutral position. Do not raise the hips (avoid hip flexion), your body should be in a straight line from toes to head.

This exercise requires an horizontal shoulder adduction of only 25-30º, thus minimizing the work of the pectoralis major and the anterior deltoid and thus maximizing the work of the triceps.


3. Diamond Push-ups 

Place your hands together, with your index fingers and thumbs forming a rhombus that looks like a diamond, hence its name. At the bottom position your chest (sternum) should be touching your hands.

Protract your scapulas at the top of the push-up and don’t raise your butt or let the hips sag down.

Triceps Pushups



Elbow extensors: triceps and anconeus (straightening the elbow joint)
Shoulder flexors: anterior deltoids, clavicular fibers of pectoralis major, coracobrachialis
Abs: transversus, rectus abdominis and obliques – compressing the abdominal region and stabilizing the spine

Serratus anterior – protracting the scapulae at the top of the Push-up

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