Benefits of Gymnastic Ring Training

Benefits of Gymnastic Ring Training


In this post we’ll see 8 benefits of ring training:

1. Endless variety
Since the rings are not fixed, arms can move in all directions (forward, sideways, in circles, etc.). Thus, there’s almost an endless variety of exercises to do. The instability of the rings represents a new stimulus to the muscles, so ring training is a good way to add variety to your workout.


2. Increased difficulty
Many exercises done on the floor or bar that you find too easy, they become much more difficult when done with rings, due to the instability of the rings. A typical example is dips.
Rings not only move a lot, but can be moved independently, this way we can increase the difficulty of an exercise.



3. They are suitable for pushing and pulling exercises
Due to the variable height adjustment, you can do for example push-ups and pull-ups.
You can set rings to different heights, so you can train one-arm Pull-up for example.



4. Rings can be used for your lower body
Rings can help you get the Pistol squat for example, there are many other exercises you could do.


5. Increased hypertrophyyuri-van-gelder-ring-l-sit

Ring training is an effective way to build muscle; it’s great for developing your chest, back muscles, forearms, triceps or abs. Pecs and lats are used to stabilize the rings – my pecs got really big after a few months of ring training.



6. Healthy joints
Rings allow for natural movement of the joints to occur, so this type of training can be less stressful on your shoulders, wrists or elbows. Try some Pull-ups and you’ll see it feels a lot better.

Benefits of Gymnastic Ring Training

7. PortabilityBenefits of Gymnastic Ring Training
Rings are lightweight and you can take them anywhere. You can get an awesome workout everywhere, at home, in the park and even on holidays.
They can be set-up quickly and they can be attached to a pull-up bar, to steel beams or even to a tree.



8. Rings are fun 🙂
Rings are very versatile and fun to work with, they can bring out your inner kid 😀



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Benefits of Gymnastic Ring Training

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