10 Inverted Rows Variations – Analysed

10 Inverted Rows Variations – Analysed

Video in English here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y5a5pHN_xbY



1. One arm Row – Straddle

With your legs spread apart, pull hard until your elbow goes behind your back. An underhand grip focuses on biceps and brachialis, an overhand grip strengthens the brachialis and a neutral grip focuses on brachioradialis.
You can do this exercise with rings, Trx, or a low bar.


2. One arm Row 0.5

Use a full range of motion in all exercises – extend your elbows completely – half ROM is half as effective as full range of motion.

* Keep your hips and lumbar spine extended in all exercises, you body will be in a straight line.


3. Uniarcher Rows 

4. Archer Rows (check the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y5a5pHN_xbY)




5. Elevated Wide Rows

With your feet on a box/chair, go up until your chest touches the bar.

At the top of the row your body will be parallel to the floor – the effect of gravity is maximum, that’s why this exercise is harder.

* Keep your head/neck in a neutral position in all exercises.


6. Wide Rows

Using a wide grip, pull up until your chest touches the bar.

A wide grip requires a transverse shoulder extension in which lats can’t exert much force (lats are stronger pulling the upper arm downward), however rear delts have a better line of pull; infraspinatus also assists in this movement.


7. Wide Rows 0.5

With knees bent and a wide grip, pull up until your chest touches the bar.
With bent knees is easier because of shorter resistance arm.

The wider the grip the harder it will be as lats are weak in pure transverse shoulder extension.


8. Elevated Rows

With feet on an elevated surface, pull until your chest touches the bar.

* In all these exercises retract your scapulas (pull them together), this will strengthen your trapezius and rhomboids.



9. Inverted rows

Use a shoulder width grip and keep your body in a straight line.

This kind of grip requires a pure shoulder extension – latissimus dorsi is the prime mover; teres major, pectoralis major and posterior deltoid will assist the lats.

Inverted rows

10. Rows 0.5Inverted rows

Perform this row with knees bent.

As for the elbow joint, rows require an elbow flexion; a pronated grip like in the video focuses on brachialis, biceps and brachioradialis will assist in this movement (pronator teres weakly assists).



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