Chest Pushup – BEST Variation Analysed

Chest Pushup

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In this post we’ll see the best Pushup variation you can do at home without any equipment!

If we want to focus more on pecs, we have to avoid the triceps from assisting, as it is impossible to take the deltoid out of the equation (pectoralis major and deltoid act on the same joint and their insertions are closer together,  so in the best case we can put it at a mechanical disadvantage).
This exercise, as it doesn’t require an elbow extension like a regular Push-up, eliminates the triceps workload, thus focusing on pectoralis major.


1. Butterfly Push-up

Use 2 towels and a floor that slides.

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2. Butterfly Push-up  0.5
To make this exercise easier, do it with your knees on the floor.
This exercise requires a shoulder transverse flexion, wich mainly works pectoralis major; anterior deltoid, coracobrachialis and short head of the biceps also assist in this flexion. Chest Push-up

Training Push-ups and Dips on rings is also an excellent idea for chest development, learn HERE how to do them.

Chest Pushup


Shoulder transverse flexors: pectoralis major and anterior deltoid mainly
Serratus anterior protracts the scapulas at the top of the push-up
Transversus, rectus abdominis and obliques compress the abdominal region and stabilize the spine
The isometric contraction of hip flexors stabilizes the hip

For more info check the video:


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