Archer Pushup – The RIGHT Way!

Archer Pushup

Archer Pushup

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The unilateral Archer Push-up is a fundamental exercise in calisthenics; it builds very strong shoulders, pecs and triceps.


1. Archer Pushup

With your hand position wider than shoulder width apart, go down until your chest is close to the floor; once you’re up straighten your elbow completely (full ROM).
Do not bend the elbow of the assisting arm at all – this way pectorals, delts and triceps will do all the work, without the help of biceps, brachialis or brachioradialis.

At the bottom position, in both Archer and Uniarcher push-up, the elbow of the pushing arm will be close to your body – anterior deltoid is stronger in pure shoulder flexion.
The assisting arm will be at about 90º to the torso.


Common Mistake:

A common mistake is bending the elbow of the assisting arm. This could be because of lack of shoulder, pecs and triceps strength, because the connective tissue that crosses the elbow is not strong enough or simply because you’re not used to straight-arm pushing exercises.

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Please check the video for much more  1305317738m

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