TRX Push ups vs Regular Push ups

TRX Push ups vs Regular Push ups



If have a place to hang them, you could buy some gymnastic rings or a suspension training equipment (HERE‘s an article about differences between Gymnastic Rings and TRX). Why? Because doing doing Push-ups with them will give your muscles a stronger stimulus than doing them on the floor. The study was carried by American sports scientist Ronald Snarr, from the Arizona State University,


Instability is very effective for your core muscles, but not only. Doing basic exercises (like Push-ups) on instable surfaces gives your muscles a stronger stimulus than doing them the regular way.

TRX Push ups vs Regular Push ups

TRX Push ups vs Regular Push ups


Ronald Snarr got 20 people to do regular Push-ups and TRX Push-ups. He used electrodes attached to their chest muscles, anterior deltoid and triceps to see how much these muscles worked. The results were: 31% more activity in triceps, 27% more activity in anterior deltoid and 16 per cent more activity in pectoralis major for the Push-ups done with a suspension system. Muscles would probably work even harder while doing Rings Push-ups, as they are more unstable than TRX (they anchor from only one point, while rings anchor from two points).

Source: J Hum Kinet. 2013 Dec 31;39:75-83.



«The traditional pushup, when performed on a stable surface can provide a sufficient stimulus to increase upper body muscular strength and endurance», writes Snarr. However, when you master floor Push-ups, use a suspension training device to increase muscular activation and possibly enhance neuromuscular adaptations with the pushup. In my Complete Ring Workout program there are 12 Push-up Variations, along with other 50 more exercises. It includes:

· 25 Pulling exercises with videos and pictures of each exercise
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· Detailed info on Muscles worked
· Proper form section in each exercise, showing the optimal position to avoid injuries

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