Stronger Lower Back Bodyweight Exercises

Lower back bodyweight exercises

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In this post we’ll se 4 exercises which strengthen the erector spinae muslce and quadratus lumborum.


Lower back bodyweight exercises

Erector spinae is a group of three muscles: iliocostalis, longissimus and spinalis. These muscles extend the spine.

Quadratus lumborum helps extend the lumbar spine.




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1. Superman

This exercise is excellent to strengthen the spinal erectors muscles or lower back (especially the thoracic and lumbar portion) and quadratus lumborum – while doing Supermans, these muscles will keep the spine extended. Glutes supermanand hamstrings will keep the hips extended. Delts keep the arms raised while trapezius and rhomboids stabilize the scapulas. Don’t raise your feet too much, hands should be higher. You have to lift your rib cage from the floor in order to make this exercise effective.

Lower back bodyweight exercises

2. Skydiver

With your arms to the side, lift your legs and arms and hold this position.
As you raise your legs, gluteus maximus and hamstrings will keep the hips hyperextended. Quadratus lumborum, longissimus, iliocostalis and spinalis will keep the spine extended. Trapezius and rhomboids will keep the scapulas retracted. Don’t bend your knees and point your toes.


3. Superman 0.5

Lift your arms and chest from the floor. This exercise focuses on the thoracic portion of erector spinae; the lumbar portion is less worked as we don’t raise our legs. This exercise doesn’t hit the glutes and hamstrings as it doesn’t require a hip extension.



4. Alternating Supermans

This is an easier version – raise one arm and the opposite leg and hold it for a second. Doing this exercise at fast speed is very little effective and you can get injured, so do it in a controlled manner.
Don’t lift your legs too high to prevent lower back pain (avoid an excessive lumbar extension/hyperlordosis).

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