Lower Trapezius Bodyweight – Straight arm Dips

Lower Trapezius Bodyweight

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Video in English here:  1305317738m


Scapular depression can be used to strengthen the lower Trapezius. A strong lower trapezius can fix a bad posture and can even avoid you a subacromial impingement, if it’s due to lower and upper trapezius imbalances.

One of the easiest ways to strengthen the inferior fibers is by doing the exercise in the video, as it requires a pure scapular depression (lower trapezius action). Scapular depression can also be done on rings or on a pull-up bar.
This exercise is useful for dips, L-sit, Straddle-L, V-sit, Ring Support and many Lower Trapezius Bodyweightother exercises.



Use 2 chairs, 2 stools, parallel bars or rings if you have. Push down against the stools until your scapula depress.

Do it slowly and keep your elbows locked (extendend) at all times.

Lower Trapezius Bodyweight


Inferior fibers of trapezius, subclavius, external fibers of latissimus dorsi, inferior fibers of serratus anterior and pectoralis minor muscle. Triceps prevents the elbow from bending. I recommend keeping a posterio pelvic tilt for better stabilization of the spine.

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Check the video for more info:  1305317738m

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