Tuck Planche Tutorial from 0!

Tuck Planche Tutorial from 0!

learn tuck planche

VIDEO tutorial here:   1305317738m


1. Frog stand
The arms will be shoulder width apart and elbows bent.1 gm
Support the knees over the arms, outside and above the elbows.
Lean forward until your legs come off the floor.
This progression is a matter of finding balance rather than a matter of strength.

* This progression is done with elbows bent.



2. Planche lean

With this exercise we will learn not to bend our elbows while pushing against the ground.


3. Advanced Frog stand3 bm
Support the knees on the arms but keeping the elbows COMPLETELY straight (locked) – if you bend the elbows you will train Frog Stand again and not progress.
Lean forward until you’re balanced and hips are roughly at shoulder height.



4. High tuck Planche

These 2 progressions are explained in the video

Tuck Planche Tutorial

5. Tuck Planche – 1 leg

Support one leg over the arm while lifting the other leg. Switch legs with each
Don’t lift your hips too high – they must be at shoulder height.

Keep scapulae protracted and don’t bend your elbows.

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6. Tuck PlancheTuck Planche Tutorial
This progression is the first in which the shoulders have to bear the full weight of your body. Although you need some balance, this exercise is
mainly a matter of shoulder strength. The elbows should remain straight, NOT bent. The hips must be at the same height as the shoulders;
The hands and legs must not touch each other and the scapula needs to be protracted.

If you start the exercise shown as in the video with the hip at shoulder
height, you will not have to push against the floor to raise it, you just have to keep it at that point.
*The easiest way to do this iswith knees to the chest.


For more, please check the video:   1305317738m

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