Pistol squat Tutorial – 18 Exercises

Pistol squat Tutorial – 18 Exercises

Pistol squat Tutorial


Video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FZHuPZwvgfg


To get the Pistol squat, you have to do:

  1. The Preparatory exercise – especially if you want to get the Pistol squat with perfect form (min 0:36)
  2. The 2 Stretches to improve your flexibility (for quads and soleus) – min 0:57
  3. One exercise that focuses on your quads (min 1:30)
  4. One exercise to strengthen the glutes (Option A) or                                                                     One complementary exercise to strengthen the glutes (Option B)


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In this video we’ll also see the muscles worked, how to improve your balance, why not to lean forward and 5 stretches pre and post workout.


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In the video we will also see the differences between these two variations:


Pistol squat Tutorial

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