Beyond Pistol Squat – Advanced Airborne Squat

Airborne Squat Tutorial

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The Airborne squat is an advanced type of squat which builds very strong quads.


Exercise execution: Airborne Squat

Go down and touch the floor only with the knee.

Once you’re down, stop for a moment. From there go up completely vertical and without leaning forward AT ALL – this small adjustment increases the difficulty quite a lot, thus strengthening your quadriceps a lot more.

In the beginning you can practice by leaning forward, but keep in mind that the more you lean forward, the less you will strengthen your quadriceps – it’s a lot more difficult to go up thanks to brute strength.


Why is this exercise so hard?
When you’re down, with your upper leg parallel to the floor, the lever arm is larger thus the effect of gravity is maximum – quads will have to exert a lot of strength to extend the knee from that disadvantageous position.
In a Pistol squat, glutes contract forcefully to extend the hip so the body is already in motion when the lever arm is larger – so it’s easier to overcome this disadvantageous position.

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Airborne Squat


Hip extensors: gluteus maximus and hamstrings, which straigthen the hip joint by drawing the pelvis backward

Knee extensors: quadriceps femoris muscle, which straigthens the knee

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