THE Strict Muscleup Tutorial – False grip

THE Strict Muscleup Tutorial – False grip

Strict Muscleup Tutorial


Vídeo in English HERE


Requirements:0 Bc2

6-7 Strict Pull-ups (wide grip) –

These pull-ups must be done with full R.O.M. (dead hang): fully extend your elbows at the bottom and at the top your chin should be clearly over the bar. Don’t kip (I recommend posterior pelvic tilt for that), that way you will get way stronger.


6-7 Single bar dips (pronated grip) –

You must be able to easily do about 6 reps using a shoulder-width grip. At the bottom of the dip, the inferior part of your chest should be touching the bar – this is important because the Muscle-up requires a dip with full R.O.M. Lock your elbows at the top, finishing in Ring Support position.

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Strict Muscleup Tutorial

The video includes exercises that help you master:

  • False grip Pull-up
  • The High Pull-up
  • The Muscle-up Transition
  • The concentric phase of the Muscle-up
  • The negative part of the Muscle-up.

–> All of these exercises will help you get the Strict Muscle-up


1. False Grip Pull-ups

False grip Pull-ups require an intense work of the wrist flexors (located on the forearm ): flexor carpi radialis, flexor carpi ulnaris, flexor digitorum superficialis, assisted by the palmaris longus and flexor digitorum profundus.

Maintaining this grip is somewhat complicated at first because it requires wrist flexion combined with finger flexion, and muscles get too shortened to perform both actions effectively.

False grip Pull-up can be achieved following these 4 steps:


a. Bent-arm hangFalse grip Pullup

With a shoulder width underhand grip and bent elbows, hang on the bar by placing your wrists on the bar. This grip focuses on biceps and brachialis.

Practice until you can hold 5 series of at least 20 seconds.


b. Straight-arm hang

With elbows bent and a false grip, hang  on the bar by placing your wrists on the bar.  This exercise mainly works brachialis, lats and teres major, apart from the wrist & finger flexor muscles.

Practice until you can hold 5 series of at least 20 seconds.


c. False grip Rows


d. False grip Pull-ups


Check the video for the rest of the tutorial 🙂 

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