Ring Pushup Tutorial – Done RIGHT!

Ring Pushup Tutorial


In this post we’ll see how to do Ring Push-up with Proper form, also recommendations and common mistakes.


Ring Push-ups are one of the easiest exercises you can do on Rings. That doesn’t mean they are easy; if you’ve never used rings, you’ll be surprised how difficult they can be. You can be a beast at Push-ups on the floor, but you have to be humble when it comes to Ring TrainingThe inherent instability of the rings makes any exercise a lot harder, especially pushing exercises.

Let’s see now how to do a proper Ring Push-up:

Ring Pushup Tutorial


  • Start each Push-up with protracted scapulaab3-m1

To protract your scapula you have to push down against the rings, until your scapulae move away from each other – your torso will go up and your upper back will be rounded. Scapular protraction strengthens the serratus anterior muscle, one of the most important stabilizer muscles of the shoulder girdle.


  • Tilt your pelvis posteriorly

In order to move to harder gymnastic skills, posterior pelvic tilt is essential. Engage your abs and glutes to tilt your pelvis posteriorly; this way you’ll avoid arching of the lower back. With PPT you body moves as a whole, so it’s harder to push.

  • Turn the hands out at the top of the Push-up
  • Keep your head and neck in neutral position
  • Go as low as you can (acording on your flexibility)
  • Fully straighten your arms at the top



At the top of the Push-up turn your rings slightly out. This is the same position used in Ring Support, at the top of Ring Dips, RTO Push-ups, etc. so it’s good to start practicing it as soon as possible.



Ring Pushup Tutorial



While doing the exercise rings will be facing each other.
Elbows are kept in throughout the movement.              .   




· Bending at the waist (hip flexion) – this makes the exercise easier – we do this unconsciously.

· Elbows flared out – shoulder joint is not safe in this position and you can get injured.

· Not enough R.O.M: go all the way down and at the top fully extend your elbows. Worry about quality, not quantity.

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