Hollow Pull-ups – Zero Cheating

Hollow Pull-ups

Hollow Pull-ups

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To perform this type of Pull-up you have to engage your abs and glutes to tilt the pelvis to the rear (PPT).


So, why should you do hollow pull-ups?cd2m2

1. You’ll get some pretty strong abs, as the rectus abdominis muscle (6pack) will keep the pelvis tilted posteriorly  (PPT), so it will be under tension the whole time your’re doing the pull-ups

2. You’ll get stronger, because with hollow pull-ups there’s no way you can cheat – Posterior pelvic tilt prevents from building momentum, therefore it’s impossible to cheat by using this momentum. With PPT the body moves as a one single unit (because the spine is fixed in flexion), while in regular pull-ups hips and legs move separately from the torso.


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Note that posterior pelvic tilt  it’s not about bending at the waist: torso and legs are in a straight line. It’s kind of strange at first to tilt the pelvis to the rear without flexing at the hips, the exercise in the picture can be practiced to understand the movement. Standing, engage your abs and glutes to tilt the pelvis to the rear, until the lower back becomes flat.

For more, please check the video 🙂

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