Bodyweight Hamstring Exercises

Bodyweight Hamstring Exercises

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In this post we’ll see how to work our hamstrings at home and without any equipment.


1.  Bridge leg curl

Flex the knees by pulling your feet towards your hips – bhamstrings will bend the knees by pulling the tibia and fibula toward the hips and femur.
Don’t let your glutes touch the floor until you finish the exercise.
Point your toes in order to engage less the gastrocnemius.

The lumbar part of erector spinae and quadratus lumborum will keep the arch of the lower back.
Glutes will keep the hips extended.


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2. One legged ham hip thrust

Raise your hips until your body is in a straight line. This exercise involves a hip extension (hamstrings and glutes), the contraction of the hamstrings to keep the knee flexed, and the contraction of the erector spinae & quadratus lumborum to extend the spine.


3. Hamstring hip thrust

For an easier variation, put both feet on a chair/bench.
Cross your arms over your chest, raise your hips until the trunk is in line with the femur (knees will be bent at all time). Don’t raise your hips too much to avoid pain in your lower back (avoid excessive hyperextension of the hip).


4. One legged hamstring bridge

Bodyweight Hamstring Exercises

Lift your pelvis up off the floor by pushing down against the floor with 1 foot.
To focus on the hamstrings, do NOT bend the knee of the foot that’s on the floor – this way hamstrings (except short head of biceps femoris – which bends the knee) will extend the hip together with the glutes.


Bodyweight Hamstring Exercises

5. Leg bridge

Lift your pelvis up off the floor by pushing down against the floor with both feet.

Hamstrings (except short head of biceps femoris) will extend the hip together with the glutes if knees are completely straight.

Quadratus lumborum & the lumbar part of erector spinae  will keep the lower back extended.

Please check the video for much more:

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